1. Has Bijuteria.pt got a physical store?
No, our store is only on-line (in the internet)  
2. Has Bijuteria.pt got paper catalogues?
No, we only have got a on-line catalogue in www.bijuteria.pt  
3. Is it safe to buy in Bijuteria.pt ?
Yes, the electronic payments are processed by a specialist partner. Bijuteria.pt hasn´t got access,
in no moment, to your data.
4. What is the delivery time?
First of all we need to check if the product is in stock. We also need your proof of payment. If
these requirements are met the product will be delivered within 24 hours (excluding weekends
and public holidays).
5. Can I suggest modifications to the products that you sell in www.bijuteria.pt? Can I suggest new colours, sizes and lengths?
Yes, some modifications are possible. All you need to do is use our e-mail address or Customer
Service Number (22 4014025). We will give you a budget that you must approve. Under the
law, it´s not possible the return, cancellation and reimbursement of customized products.
6. Is it possible to cancel an order?
Yes, if the request was not sent. You can apply for the cancellation using our contacts.
However, under the law it´s not possible the return, cancellation and reimbursement of
customized products.
7. Can I pay after receiving the product at home?
No, Bijuteria.pt deliveries the product after receiving the proof of payment.
8. What kind of credit cards can I use to pay?
VISA, Mastercard e American Express, através do PayPal.
9. I don´t want to use credit cards. Can I use Multibanco?
Yes, you can pay your shopping using an ATM machine or through HomeBanking.
10. Can the delivery address be different from the invoice address?
Yes, without any problem.
11. How can I know that Bijuteria.pt received my order?
After choosing the products you want to buy and introducing some required personal data,
you´ll receive an e-mail with the order confirmation.
12. How can I rectify data or clarify doubts in the order I made?
To clarify doubts, make modifications and obtain informations about your order please contact
us using our e-mail address or our telephone number.
13. Can I return a product in case of regret?
Yes, you can return your order within 14 days upon reception. If you choose to be reimbursed,
you will receive the money 30 days after we receive the product. You should deliver the pieces
in perfect conditions and contained in the original packaging. To clarify any doubt you should
consult the item “Deliveries and Returns”.
14. What should I do if I receive a product different from the one I ordered?
Bijuteria.pt is commited to make the switch without costs for you.
15. Will I receice the same product shown in the Bijuteria.pt website?
Yes, our goal is to show high quality photos. This way you can see all the details of our
16. What should I care with my bijouterie pieces?
• Avoid the contact with chemical products (fragance, moisturizing ingredients, sun
protector, etc.)
• Do not use your bijouterie pieces in the beach, swimming pool and in the bath. If you
follow this advice you will minimize the risk of oxidation.
• Do not use your bijouterie pieces when you make physical exercise. The excess of
sweating can damage your pieces.
• Preserve your bijouterie pieces inside individual bags.
• Clean your bijouterie pieces with flannel.
17. How can I find a product?
You can use the tool Search.This tool is  located on the top of the Bijuteria.pt homepage.
18. Can I receive in my e-mail box informations about Bijuteria.pt´s news and offers?
Yes, the customer can subscribe our newsletter in the Bijuteria.pt homepage (newsletter item)
to receive informations about news and offers.
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(chamada para a rede móvel nacional)
Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 19.00
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