Terms and Conditions  
  Bijuteria.pt is a company that sells bijouterie products and fashion accessories on-line.
Bijuteria.pt hasn´t got a physical store. The products are sold through internet and telephone.

The  general conditions that we are going to explain set out the selling modalities between
Bijuteria.pt and the customers. According these general conditions, we consider customer any
physical or moral person that makes an order in the website www.bijuteria.pt. This customer
can be particular or not.

Application field

These general conditions are applicable to orders made through internet, e-mail and
telephone and regulate the selling of products in the website  www.bijuteria.pt in the
validation date of the order request.
Customer acceptance
When the customer makes an order request validates in a automatic way the general

Modification of the selling general conditions

Bijuteria.pt has got the right to change without previous warning the utilization conditions
and other regulations in www.bijuteria.pt. We advise a regular consultation of the utilization
conditions. The customers must accept all the modifications and the more recent version
of the utilization conditions. The general conditions in the date of the order request will be
applicable in the commercial transactions between Bijuteria.pt and the customers.

Products´ characteristics

Bijuteria.pt assume the commitment to present  detailed information about the products,
showing the essential characteristics. If you have any doubt, please contact our commercial
department using the telephone or e-mail.


The prices are presented in Euros and include VAT (Value-Added Tax) according the legal rate.
Bijuteria.pt has the right to change, at any time, the prices presented in  www.bijuteria.pt
because suppliers can change supply conditions.

All prices are correct except data insertion error. If when ordering an article the price is incorrect we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the the ustomer the amount paid.

If  for any  reason any items meet zero price was error in data entry and costumer order will be canceled and the customer notified by email.

Value-Added Tax – VAT

All prices include VAT rate 23%. VAT is applicable in all the transactions completed with
citizens residente in E. U. (European Union). In the commercial transactions completed with
citizens non resident in E. U. will be applicable a VAT rate intra-Community. This VAT rate is
communicated to the costumer when he makes an order request and after that is validated by
Bijuteria.pt. It may exist an increase of taxes and custom duties not foreseen in the final price
of the product. If Bijuteria.pt doesn´t provides or validates VAT rate the customer agrees that
all orders will be invoiced with VAT.

Order elaboration

To make your order in  www.bijuteria.pt you must fill in an appropriate form. You should
reread and confirm your data before confirming your order. Bijuteria.pt can not be responsible
for errors that occur in filling out forms or sending e-mail.

Request confirmation

The customer will receive an order confirmation by e-mail if the e-mail address provided is

Request annulment

At any time, the customer can cancel the order if this it is not invoiced.

Products´ availability

We consider valid the prices and the offers if they are visible in www.bijuteria.pt and in the
limit of the available stock. Additional informations concerning products´ availability will be
provided by e-mail or telephone. If there are problems to get some products, the customers
will be informed by telephone or e-mail. In this case, the customer can cancel the order or
replace the product.


The customer can pay through the following means of payment:
• ATM machine
• Bank transfer
• Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
• Paypal
If you pay using credit card, the values will be debited in your account after sending the order.


Bijuteria.pt has the right to refuse an order if there is total or partial non-payment. After an
order request all payments should carried out within a period not exceeding 8 days. If the
payment is not made in this period of time the order is canceled.


The order form and the invoice are different documents. The customer receives the invoice
together with the ordered products.

Version of 15 th February 2012

Customer service
[+351] 220 141 551
(chamada para a rede fixa nacional) [+351] 914 245 317
(chamada para a rede móvel nacional)
Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 19.00
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